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Integrate easily PlanningPME to your data system

Target Skills put at your disposal the Object model of PlanningPME located on the complement COM PlanningPME.dll that can be used in most of developing tools.

Object Utilisation
Application Parent object of all objects
Task Aufgabe
Unavailability Unverfügbarkeit
Customer Kunde
Equipment Equipment linked to the client
Resource Human or material resource or "To plan" resource part of a department
Department Department
Project Project
DoTask Assign a task to a resource, a client, a project, an equipment
DoUnavailability Assign an unavailability to a resource
Tasks, Unavailabilities, Customer, Equipment, Resource, Department, Project, DoTask, DoUnavailabilities: represent the collections of the related objects

To work with objects of the object model, you must first declare a variable object and establish a reference to the object you want to work with.
Once you established a reference to the object, you can work with its properties, methods or events.

Dim pp As PlanningPME.Application
Set pp = New PlanningPME.Application

You can also use a function CreateObject with a variable object declared as type Object to initialize a variable Object late. As an example:

Dim pp As Object
Set pp = CreateObject("PlanningPME.Application")

Dim r As Resource
Set r = pp.CreateItem(PpResource)
r.Label = "new Resource"
r.Type = PpResourceHuman
Set r = Nothing

Set pp = nothing

Download the example Visual Basic

Object Model PlanningPME

Object Model PlanningPME Integration
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